Wonder Women ist ein Impro-Duo der Schauspielerinnen Tamara Lorenscheit und Muriel Hahn, das sich der Langform verschrieben hat.


Unsere Termine 2019:

31. Januar 2019

28. März 2019

30. Mai 2019

25. Juli 2019

26. September 2019

28. November 2019

im BühnenRausch Theater.

Die Shows beginnen um 20.00 Uhr.








            Ladies And Gentleman - Impro in English

Ladies and Gentleman are two women and one guy from Berlin, exploring the scope of improv theatre. The four of them playfully combine their skills to become romantic, quirky, lovable and absurd - with their main aim: To tell exciting stories!
Together they create shows based on real emotions combined with nonsense, drama with comedy, and daily life with fantasy. They unleash colorful characters: Fearless heroines, beautiful losers, total nuts or plain and simple people from next door with a genuine desire to fulfill one’s dreams.


Our dates 2019:

February 28th

April 25th

June 27th

August 29th

October 24th

December 30th at BühnenRausch Theater.

Shows start at 8pm